(1) Site Survey

  •  This is the first and the most important step that is carried out and is done by gathering the information about the location.
  • This helps to know whether the location is good enough for the installation process.
  • Various techniques are being used to determine the layout of the place.

  • Evermore there we would like to say that such activities are carried out by our highly skilled workforce.

  • A good site survey results in a good project as it is one of the important foundations amongst the given tasks for the whole project.

(2) Quotation With Layout

  •  As per the study done layout is prepared and quotation is framed for the customer.
  • This will help them further enhance the overall understanding of the project.
  • The layout will be done based on various findings.
  • Whatever findings are being collected as interpreted and then the layout has been made.

  • Without the proper layout, the project is incomplete and acts as the base point for the further working of the whole system.

  • Hence we take a lot of effort so that our client gets the best solution so that it may prove to be helpful in various ways.

(3) Approval From Customer Side

  • As the customer gets the quotation along with the layout we wait for further permission to start with the project.
  • As soon as the approval is granted our quality team will begin the work in the full swing.
  • Approval of the work will give us permission to go ahead as per the project plan that has been framed.

  • This in turn indicates that the client has got ready to go with it.The only thing that remains is to accomplish the work successfully to create confidence in the minds of the people.   

(4) Client Purchase Order Sent

  • Once the Client issues the purchase order regarding the agreed terms and conditions along with the product details we get a clear understanding of the client’s expectations on the whole project.
  • This comprehensive perception provided by the customers is very much essential for our team.

  • So that we can perform the daily activity as per the per decided plans, policies, terms and conditions.

  • So we can say that your consent is very much crucial to us in many ways.

  • This helps us to boost the morale of the team members and motivates us to provide the best possible results.

(5) Workplan

  • Our skilled team member goes for the planning of the project that will cover most of the aspect that needs to be considered for the project in detail.
  • This is very much important to be carried out for the overall success of the project.
  • Work plan requires excessive care and our experienced team members are completely into this for good results.

  • Moreover, in our planning activity, we consider various aspects that will influence the overall working of the system and its functioning including both technical and non-technical.

  • So this one may say that we give our best effort for results.

(6) Installation

  • This work is done as per the work plan so that things can be carried out for the smooth functioning of the project.
  • Our skilled and dedicated team gives their best to install the project.

  • The work is being accomplished under expert guidance. 

  • We try our level best to complete the project as early as possible. Even more, we see to it that there is minimum wastage of resources by making the best use of it.

(7) Commissioning

  • This is also one of the most important sections that are carried out after the installation of the work.
  • That’s because this will help to know the overall quality of the work and for the smooth functioning of the system.
  • In this section, things are being monitored, tested and updations are being done accordingly.

  • This helps enhance the overall efficiency of the system that has been implemented.


(8) Net Metering

  • This helps the customer of know his saving from the system that is being installed at the given location.
  • This creates confidence in them regarding the use of energy that they will be utilizing.
  • It has also got many other advantages like:
  1. Understand how well resources are being utilized.
  2. Knows the use of the system installed.
  3. Aware of the extra power that it consists of.


(9) Customer Handover

  • Once the project is all set then the handover will be done.
  • Even more certain instructions will be given to the client if any.
  • This will help them to handle the system properly.
  • Moreover, if anything else is needed our client clients can definitely contact us for further explanation.

  • We do assist them if they want any sort of technical difficulty. In other words, they can raise the query as and when it arises.